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Cozumel, Trip #4

  The island of Cozumel off the east coast of Mexico has genuinely become my favorite destination. The scuba diving is amazing, the food is so delicious and the people are   friendly and helpful. This trip, we had an ulterior motive for our trip: to get the most information

Time to Detox

Many times in our lives, it is necessary to remove toxic influences in our lives. While one blog post is way too short to cover all toxic aspects of life (pollution, work stress, negative people, etc.), I can definitely help you find a great resource to detoxify your body through healthy


Being ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ is an overwhelming, commercial ideal that seems unattainable to us all (yoga teachers included). If you look at and compare yourself to the people around you, your self-esteem will plummet. Other people are skinnier, happier, stronger, more flexible and younger. Why should you try to compete

Get Involved

In my last post, Community, I discussed my desire to be more involved in the local community in a positive way. Easy to say, and hopefully simple to execute. Here are three ways I found to connect with the local community over the next few months and these are all things you

Five Minute Challenge

  What have you done today to care of your physical and mental health? Do you neglect yourself for days on end? When is the last time you exercised?  When was your last social event that did not involve work colleagues? Do you have a journal that has been buried beneath

Soul Pose Seattle Recap

This last weekend, I attended Soul Pose in Seattle. It was held at the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center. I was intrigued as this was the first time I attended an event like this: yoga meets tutus, black lights, body paint and a big crowd. When we first signed up

Nourish Retreat Planning

Planning my first yoga retreat!