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Yoga Everywhere!

Yesterday, I returned from my birthday trip to England. I had a great time and have lots to share with you, my dear readers, but first I need to prepare for my upcoming yoga classes…

An Evening of Mindfulness

An Evening of Yoga and Mindfulness with Kevin Ng.

Monkey Mind (recap of last two weeks)

A little bit of this and that.

Another Certification Completed

Another 96 hours of yoga teacher training completed! All in 7 intense days that started at 6:30am and lasted until 10:30pm and included walking about 5 miles a day in the dry Arizona heat. 160 students from across the world all survived never-ending hours of asana (yoga practice), meditation, teaching

February Funk

The last few days I have been in a bit of a funk. Not really depressed or sad, just…gray?

Upcoming Events

Well, I finally started working again…as a yoga instructor! 📿🕉 Which means…

Spiritual Scientist, a.k.a.Yoga Teacher Training

An extremely brief wrap-up of the 200 hour teacher training experience at Shakti Vinyasa.