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Memories of Kilimanjaro, Chapter 2

Day Three: Journey to Africa (If you missed the editorial note and first chapter, please start here: Chapter 1) On 14 February 2011, we left the comfort of Amsterdam for the great unknown of Africa. Our itinerary would take us to Nairobi on KLM Airlines. The plan was to spend the

Time to Detox

Many times in our lives, it is necessary to remove toxic influences in our lives. While one blog post is way too short to cover all toxic aspects of life (pollution, work stress, negative people, etc.), I can definitely help you find a great resource to detoxify your body through healthy

Mark Your Calendars

Yoga events coming up in the Seattle area designed to inspire and challenge you! Free yoga class, FITT Yoga, and Vision Board workshops.


Last Friday, I thought I would try something different. In my experience, the easiest way to stay motivated in my yoga practice is to try out new teachers and studios. I recently learned about a new type of yoga: FITT Yoga, from Fitt Balance Owner and Trainer, Christen Singer. What

Review: NWYC 2017

The more I enjoy a yoga class or workshop, the more difficult it is for me to blog about it. To me, the energy that I experience from some teachers is so profound that I feel putting it into the public arena diminishes the experience. This being said, perhaps if it is

Beijing, Revisited

Note: I started this post last month and got distracted from finishing it in a timely manner, but better late than never, right? Recently I read a news article about how urban dwelling Chinese are suffering under unprecedented smog levels. Clean air tourism is now a thing and flights have been

Cozumel Night Dive

Last week, Steve and I took our third annual dive trip to Cozumel to escape the winter blues (and this year, the snow…). Cozumel, Mexico is an island six miles east of the Yucatan Peninsula and is easy to get to by plane from Atlanta, or via Cancun and then