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My Crazy or Why I Choose Yes

I have spent the last several weeks out on the water with Steve, boating around the San Juan Islands and in Canada. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you have seen several photos and stories about our trip. I intended to write an inspiring story about a hike


Being ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ is an overwhelming, commercial ideal that seems unattainable to us all (yoga teachers included). If you look at and compare yourself to the people around you, your self-esteem will plummet. Other people are skinnier, happier, stronger, more flexible and younger. Why should you try to compete

Five Minute Challenge

  What have you done today to care of your physical and mental health? Do you neglect yourself for days on end? When is the last time you exercised?  When was your last social event that did not involve work colleagues? Do you have a journal that has been buried beneath