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Mark Your Calendars

Yoga events coming up in the Seattle area designed to inspire and challenge you! Free yoga class, FITT Yoga, and Vision Board workshops.

Mala Sweepstake Winner

Today is the day! As part of my Peace Project, I wanted to share some peace by giving away a very special peace mala to a blog follower.  The winner for the Peace Mala Giveaway has been chosen…(drum roll)… And the winner is: Becca from The Petite Goddess! Congratulations! Becca: I

Mala Giveaway Starts Today!

Peace Mala Giveaway starts today!

Bogged down in Blogging…

Loyal Readers, Despair Not!!

Creating Peace

When I create, I feel myself come alive.

Anxiety will not dictate my life.

Since I was a child I have been living an anxious life. Anxiety is cyclical, like all of life’s processes. Sometimes the feeling of anxiety is overwhelming and it controls my mind and, therefore, my body.  Panic attacks are incapacitating and life-altering. Sometimes anxiety is like the shadow of my

Exploring Yoga in Puerto Vallarta: Letting Go

PV exploration, Days 1-3.