Radical Simplicity

Last year, I teamed up with Jennifer Hepton and Teanna Gentry to create Nourish Yoga Retreats.  Last November, our Nourish Retreat was a great success, so we are we are at it again!

The Concept of Simplicity

Our theme for this year’s retreat has changed. Last year, we explored self-care through nourishing your body with yoga, healthy food and a vision board workshop. This year, our focus is on the simple things of everyday life.

Our intention is to find blissful simplicity, by connecting with others and taking time to relish in the simple pleasures of life away from the hustle.

-Nourish Yoga Retreats

Our inspiration for this retreat is the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). The Oxford Dictionary defines hygge as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”.  But, what does that mean? To us (Teanna, Jenn and myself) it means creating space for a group of friends to gather in a cozy space and finding contentment in simple yoga practices, journaling sessions, nutritious food and bonding over stories around the fireplace.

A Cozy Space

After much research and visitation of potential sites throughout the Puget Sound, we found the perfect space to match our theme. The Lodges on Vashon are everything we could have hoped for to host the space for hygge.


Private or shared lodges for all attendees, a fireplace in every building, a beautiful cottage with wood flooring for yoga classes, and a soaking bathtub in every private bathroom. There is ample space for all of the group activities, plus everyone can find a quiet corner for personal time and reflection.

lodges_on_vashon-198.jpgPhoto Credit for all picture of The Lodges: Andrew Giammarco


Our schedule offers many group activities to explore the concept of hygge.

  • Simple Yoga Practices
  • Meditation Circles
  • Journaling Sessions
  • Dynamic Movement Class
  • Wellness Made Simple Class
  • Delicious Meals from Local Foods
  • Mala Bead Workshop
  • Fireside Chats and much more….


Winter is the most ‘hygge’ season of all. We have chosen the first weekend of November for this event (November 3-5, 2017). Before the insanity of the winter holidays, before the desire to hibernate during the dark days of winter overtakes you…join with us to make new friends and to learn simple tools to deal with the dark PNW winter.


I am really grateful to be working with such amazing women on this venture. I hope you can join us for this amazing time! We are still offering Early Bird Pricing until May 31st. On June 1st are prices will be increasing, so if you are interested, put down your deposit today to secure the Early Bird Pricing. Register for Radical Simplicity!


Have you ever been to a yoga retreat? What was your experience like? Please comment below!


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