Cozumel, Trip #4


The island of Cozumel off the east coast of Mexico has genuinely become my favorite destination. The scuba diving is amazing, the food is so delicious and the people are   friendly and helpful. This trip, we had an ulterior motive for our trip: to get the most information possible to create an amazing Yoga & Scuba retreat for March 2018!

MExico Retreat

This trip, Steve and I took Coral down with us and she quickly finished her open water scuba certification and we all got to dive together, which was wonderful. We also toured the Mayan ruins on the island for the first time and returned to our favorite restaurant several times for tortilla soup and garlic fish fillets with fresh vegetables and lots of margaritas…

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The last night there, we hunkered down in the room and endured a tremendous rain storm. After the streets were flooded, the rain finally dissipated 3 hours later and a gorgeous sunset emerged. This is why I love Cozumel!


Dancer’s Pose on the dock at Blue Angel Resort, Cozumel

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