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Many times in our lives, it is necessary to remove toxic influences in our lives. While one blog post is way too short to cover all toxic aspects of life (pollution, work stress, negative people, etc.), I can definitely help you find a great resource to detoxify your body through healthy eating + detoxification + YOGA.

All over social media we can find special diets and exercise plans that are promoted by just about everybody with access to a computer. While many of these people may be qualified to help you, I only trust people with formal training, especially where supplements are concerned. That is why, in just a few weeks, I will be participating in a program held by licensed naturopathic doctors, The Detox Doctors. Even better than that, I have designed a yoga sequence and playlist that will be used as part of the programming for their upcoming 10 day program!

Who are the Detox Doctors?

Dr. Katie Strobe and Dr. Claire Graser are licensed naturopathic doctors working at San Francisco Natural Medicine. Dr. Strobe specializes in immune support and mood disorders and Dr. Graser specializes in women’s health and naturopathic detoxification.

The Detox Doctors: Dr. Katie Strobe and Dr. Clare Graser

I’ve personally known Katie since high school and I worked with her for over five years in the lab in Seattle before she  left to attend Bastyr College and obtain her N.D.. Katie is a personable and caring doctor who has dedicated her life to science and naturopathic medicine.

Will you be my Detox Buddy?

The next 10-day program begins in May and I am signing up! I am going to do some yoga, eat some healthy food, take some nutritious supplements and allow my liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin to regenerate to be as healthy as a 21 year old (Ok, I totally just made up that claim…the detox does not promise to restore you to your 21yo-self). However, my body could definitely use some self-care in the way of thoughtful, mindful eating and yoga.

What all am I going to do during this 10 day program?

  • Use the Detox Protein Powder, Detox tea, selected detox supplements including Probiotic 5 or 50B, Purelean Fiber, Blue Heron (GI support), SLF Forte (liver support), or Castor Oil roll-on (lymphatic support)
  • Fill out the pre and post Symptom Questionnaire
  • Attend 2 live group Sessions (online)
  • Follow the Detox Diet Guidelines
  • Read the daily emails with recipes, “what to expect” and encouragement
  • Join the  private Facebook group for peer support—moderated by the Doctors
  • Peruse the Detox with Doctor Pinterest board for recipes and meal ideas
  • Try to justify flying to San Francisco to use my 50% off coupon for an initial visit with Dr. Graser or Dr. Strobe at San Francisco Natural Medicine (really, I just want to hang out with Katie, so this may be as good of  a reason as any other…)
  • YOGA – follow my short ‘Yoga For Digestion’ instructions for this program that will be given to each participant along with a Spotify playlist to use.
Sphinx Pose, a great pose for digestion! ~TravelingYogiBear

When am I going to do it? 

  • Wednesday, May 3rd from 7-8pm- Introductory live stream session
  • Monday, May 8th- Start date of 10 Detox Program
  • Wednesday, May 17th from 7-8pm. Wrap-up call-in session

What does it cost?

The costs differ based upon which plan you choose!

  • Basic  – $259
  • Basic with a Buddy- $239 (please be my buddy 👯, we will each save $20 and we can celebrate healthy livers together!!!)
  • Premium – $489 (over $700 value – a great deal if you live in the Bay Area)
    • Basic Program
    • 1 Myers’ Cocktail
    • 1 Glutathione Push
    • 30 minute individual consultation

How do I sign up?

Go to their website to sign up or contact me and I will help you get set up! If you want to be my detox buddy, I will invite you to my ‘Detox Party’ for the live group sessions!

I am also happy to announce the details for this year’s Nourish Yoga Retreat, Radical Simplicity on Vashon Island November 3-5, 2017 click here.

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