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In my last post, Community, I discussed my desire to be more involved in the local community in a positive way. Easy to say, and hopefully simple to execute. Here are three ways I found to connect with the local community over the next few months and these are all things you can do to!

Invite Your Neighbors Over

How many times have you waved at your neighbors or stopped to chat with them about the weather, yet you don’t really know anything about them? Invite them over for dinner and find out who they are. Building a strong community begins with knowing the other people in it. This year, I am hosting a small holiday party where I have invited all the neighbors living on my street and a few people I know who live close by so we all can have a chance to connect.

Attend a Local Craft Fair

Look around your community schools for a local craft fair and actually go to it. You can find fun holiday gifts or great decor for your house and support local businesses and the school at the same time. I will be attending this local high school fair both as a vendor and as a shopper, so make sure to stop by my table and say ‘hi’!


Take a Donation Based Class

Many yoga studios offer donation based classes. This is a great way to try out a new studio or class while supporting a great cause. On December 5th, I will be leading two donation based classes in Burien to support Street Yoga, a non-profit organization who’s mission is to reach out to youth in the community and teach them yoga and mindfulness to help them cope with trauma and overcome suffering.


What other ways can I get involved and make a positive impact? Comment below!

One comment

  1. Steve says:

    I am not involved enough in my community. When I retire in February I will have more time for myself and others where I hope to change that.


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