A few days in Hawaii

Hawaii…a place I had always dreamed of visiting has now been checked off of the ol’ bucket list.


Island Hopping from Kauai to Oahu.


We only had a few days, so we concentrated on diving in Kona. We dove with Jack’s Diving Locker, who I absolutely would recommend to anyone. They are an incredibly professional, knowledgable crew.

The first day of diving was not the most exciting diving I have done…we didn’t see a single shark 🐠🐟🐡🐬 but we saw a large number of spinner dolphins playing on the surface of the water. During the second dive, I worked on refining my scuba yoga poses.

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The next day, we took a day trip up to visit an old friend, one of those friends that you knew years ago and now just see snapshots of their life on Facebook. Jason Harsin owns an amazing salon and spa in Waikoloa. Hearts and Stars was named by Elle magazine as one of the top 100 salons in the US in 2015. It is worth the drive up from Kona to get a fabulous mani/pedi or massage and then grab lunch on the beach at  Lava Lava Beach Club. I admit, I indulged in the mani/pedi because I wanted to look really good for the Manta Rays later that day…


Chillin with Jason at Hearts and Stars Salon.


Later that evening we drove back to Kona to go out on a two tank dive to see the manta rays. I had no idea how amazing and peaceful it would be. The dive shop sets up lights to attract the plankton for the rays to feed on. Snorkelers float above and divers sit on the ocean floor and just wait for the rays to swim by. If you are ever in Kona, this adventure is a MUST! Here is a video my husband took where the rays are swimming within inches of my face!

💙 Although I only got to stay for a few days in Hawaii, I loved it! I will be back! 💙




  1. Cyndy Johnson says:

    Beautiful, and the scenery was good, too.


  2. Stephen Lillie says:

    Now I’ve checked one thing off my bucket list also!


  3. Scuba diving scares me for some reason, your photo looks fun though!


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