Peace Project

On Instagram, there are many fabulous artists who pick a theme and create a piece of ephemeral art to capture in a photo on a daily basis (rock cairns, spirals, faces out of flowers,etc). I find their work very inspiring and wanted to find a way to contribute to the community. With the disturbing terrorist attacks around the world and the domestic shootings here in the US, I wanted to find a way to spread calm, a way to spread peace and reduce anxiety outside of the yoga classes that I teach.

So, I have started my daily Instagram project called ‘A Plea for Peace’. My goal is to create a peace symbol every day, either in either natural materials or in an unusual digital format, and post the pictures on my Instagram account @TravelYogiBear. I invite you to follow me on Instagram to see how this project unfolds…


Today is Day 5 and I haven’t yet found my inspiration for today’s photo, but I know something will capture my interest.


What inspires you to remain calm and peaceful in the wake of all the world’s chaos?


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