Yoga, Boot Camp and Yin, Oh My!

Since I do not currently have a gym or yoga studio membership, I decided to try Class Pass so that I can try out a few new places while still being able to attend classes at some of my favorite places. I heard about Class Pass from a few of my students at Hot Feet Fitness. How it works is that you select a membership level and then you sign up online or via the app to take classes at any participating studio or gym.

I chose the $50 per month plan for which I can take 5 classes a month. This is actually a great deal because most gyms and yoga studios have a $15 or $20 drop in fee. Using class pass will actually save me money in the long run while allowing me to experience a multitude of different classes and teachers.

Last Wednesday, I used Class Pass to take a bootcamp class at my old gym, Freedom Fitness. It had been months since I did a strength training class using weights, so I definitely felt sore the next few days, but Max (the trainer) did a great job of helping me keep my alignment in proper form throughout the class.

On Friday, I took a Slow Hatha Flow class at Be Luminous Yoga in Seattle (I was still sore from Bootcamp and didn’t want to over stress my muscles). I had wanted to try this studio for a while. My friend Amy had completed her teacher training at this studio and many of the teachers at Shakti also teach there. It is located in South Lake Union and is very spacious, they have two studios one of which is heated to the traditional 90ºF and the other is not heated (but still felt warm, so I suspect it is mildly heated). They also have a relatively large selection of books and yoga gear available to purchase.

When I got to class, I was surprised to see that I knew the instructor Susan Hawkins. She had attended the Art of Assisting workshop with me at Shakti last fall and was my partner during the workshop. This was the first class she had ever taught! It was serendipitous! (And, yes, I totally just googled serendipity to make sure I am using the word correctly). Her sequence was a modified Baptiste sequence and the class theme was True North Alignment. The class was exactly what I needed as it allowed to warm up my body and flush out all the soreness from Bootcamp.

Friday night, I taught my first 90 min Power of Yin class at Hot Feet Fitness. I think it was a success, at least from my viewpoint…all the students appeared dazed at the end of the class which is a good indicator that they were able to reach a meditative state of mind throughout the sequence.

Saturday, I completed my second Introduction to Yoga workshop at Freedom Fitness. I enjoy teaching here as I think it is important that people who primarily do strength training learn to stretch out their muscles.


I definitely recommend trying Class Pass. If you use this link: you will receive $20 off of your first month of membership!

And, because every blog post needs pictures, here are some cute cat pics for your viewing pleasure!

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