Yoga Under Glass

Yesterday I had the privilege of assisting my dear friend Amy Brightman as she taught at Yoga Under Glass at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle.

A total of 115 students attended this all levels class early Sunday morning. I felt honored that Amy had personally asked me to assist the class. The job of an assistant is to help the students get set up in class (aka convince people they do want to be in the front row or the middle of the room, not just on the edges or in the back). In addition to helping set up the room,  assistants demonstrate poses and help students get into proper alignment to avoid injury. The best part is that this was also a paying gig. So many times yoga teachers are asked to work for free, so it was nice to know my time would actually be worth $ this time.

Prior to the students arriving, the other assistants and I took our yoga Instagram pictures in the majestic setting. The second picture makes me look like I have awesome Medusa hair.

This was the first time I had been inside this museum at the Seattle Center. After class, Amy and I walked through part of the museum to look at some of the pieces. The great part about this program is that the yoga students have time to wander the garden and museum prior to the general public being let in; this experience adds to the community feel of the class and is a unique experience for attendees.

Tickets are available for the upcoming classes on June 4th and 19th. The cost is $22 per person (which is only $8 more than the cost of museum general admission). I do not know who is teaching the upcoming sessions (I wished they would advertise the teachers on their website), but if you are looking for a new kind of yoga experience, I would definitely recommend attending one of these classes!

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