Creating Peace

While the winters in the Pacific NorthWest can be dreary and gray, they can also have moments of beauty: rainbows. Just a small break in the clouds is necessary to fill the sky with color and make people stop and smile up at the sky.


Although snow is rare here in winter, sometimes I wish it would snow more often so that the brightness of the sun’s reflection on the snow would make daylight last longer. I don’t think I have actually seen snow in a few years…maybe I should plan a snowy trip soon. I rarely think to travel to the snow, I think I just forget how beautiful it can be.

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

-Robert Frost

This weekend I have had a lot of alone time. Coral is busy with school activities and Steve is away at an all-boys ski weekend (imagine a gang of 8 old men going crazy on the ski slopes acting like they are 20yo and then passing out by 8pm of pure exhaustion).

Yin Yoga

I put together a new sequence for my Yin class this afternoon, it is a hip-opening sequence and I think it will be a relaxing, yet challenging sequence for my students. I also updated the playlist from last week to be a bit calmer.

Yin yoga is a different style of yoga that uses longer holds in mostly seated poses to allow  the practitioner to go deeper into each pose. It is less physically challenging than the Power Yoga I also teach, but can be much more mentally challenging. The purpose of Yin is to balance out the Yang of our modern lifestyle. It is a designated space to step away from the pressures of our hectic lifestyle and just relax. It’s like the moment when we see a rainbow and we stop to just enjoy it’s beauty.

Back to Business…

I also utilized my alone time to get a few things done around the house, and I had enough uninterrupted time to make a Mala that I just posted on my Etsy site. My goal is to complete at least one more Mala today as I haven’t taken the time to replenish the stock that I have sold online, although I did finally get my business taxes finished up last week, late fee and all. Why is it that when a form comes from the government it seems so incredibly stressful to fill out and therefore I procrastinate?


Having time to leisurely create is something I relish. Whether it be a short article, a piece of jewelry or a yoga sequence. One of my first tattoos was based off the artwork from a poem that said if you do not create something then you are not truly alive. When I create, I feel myself come alive. When I can share my creations and I can elevate someone’s mood, I feel fulfilled.


What makes you feel fulfilled? What do you like to create? What creates peace for you?

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