February Funk

The last few days I have been in a bit of a funk. Not really depressed or sad, just…gray? I am not sure how to explain it. It’s been fairly cold lately and I find myself just hanging out in bed, so that my feet stay warm under the covers. This cannot be good for my mental state.

I have really been successful in my new expansion into teaching yoga. I held a sold-out yoga workshop at Freedom Fitness that received great feedback and I felt really great about how it went. I have taught several classes at Hot Feet Fitness where I have also received great feedback. I am also excited about teaching an upcoming Partner Yoga Workshop on Valentine’s Day and I get to teach a few classes at a local elementary school which will be a lot of fun. So, I know my ‘funk’ is not about teaching or being bored because it is a lot of work to prep for each class and I am definitely not bored.

I have also had several positive social interactions lately. I had an opportunity to see several of my friends from yoga teacher training at a small get-together that I hosted this last weekend. And I have had the pleasure of having several of my friends show up to take my yoga classes. Steve has even attended a couple of my classes and said he might actually like yoga!

However, I haven’t been able to really practice much yoga lately. Perhaps that is where my funk stems from? Teaching is physically exhausting and therefore although I have done some type of home practice every day to practice the sequences I plan to teach, I haven’t attended a class in a week. So, my goal today is to get out of my pajamas and go to a yoga class and just absorb the yoga without expending mental energy. But, right now my little kitty Toro is snuggled up to me snoring quietly, so I don’t really want to move.  He, however, has no hesitations in waking me up in the middle of the night so that he can attack my feet through the duvet.


I tried to take a picture of him sleeping. Toro was not amused.

To acclimate myself for my upcoming Baptiste Level One training in Arizona, where there will be NO CAFFEINE, I am restricting myself to one cup of coffee a day. That could definitely be the funk culprit!

The thing to remember when I am in a funk is that it is a temporary sensation. Just like any other emotion. All emotions are fleeting and will soon morph into a different feeling. The great thing about exploring a wide range of emotions is that it allows us the ability to truly appreciate the positive emotions; to recognize and relish when we are happy, content or excited. Acknowledge when you are happy and acknowledge when you are not. Share your feelings (well, to a limited extent, I mean, the random person you sit next to on the bus probably won’t care if you have had a good day or a bad day, but your friends and family will definitely want to know).


Ha! Got it!

I hope if any of you are feeling a touch of the blues, or the grays, that you reach out to a friend or reach out to me so that we can all stay connected. Feel free to comment below or contact me if you wish.



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