This week has been very busy for me. I taught 3 classes at Hot Feet Fitness and prepared for a 90 minute Introduction to Yoga workshop that I am teaching at Freedom Fitness tomorrow. Developing a workshop is a lot of work primarily because I had to develop a six page handout for the participants. But it is a creative process that I truly enjoy and I am excited to see how it goes.


A couple of weeks ago I received an unexpected, inspirational gift from one of my readers. She was so enraptured with my daughter Coral’s yoga bear sketches that she had them framed for me! They are really adorable. Thank you so much, Peggy, for this wonderful gift!

Her efforts made me realize that I should really try to encourage Coral to do something more with her artwork. She does so many amazing things and they just sit in the piles of papers in her bedroom. So, I did a bit of online research and found a way to help her out…

I started a new Zazzle store to sell some fun products featuring Coral’s yoga bears. TravelingYogiBear now features postage stamps, post cards, puzzles and more. I hope to encourage Coral to create more yoga bears so that I can expand the product lines. All profits from the sale of her artwork will go into her college tuition. Maybe she can earn her own college money instead of having to take out loans?!


I am new to the Zazzle interface and it seems that sometimes the products are visible and sometimes they are not, so I am adding links here for your convenience.

Plow Bear Postcard

Crow Bear Postcard

Plow Bear Postage Stamps

Plow Bear Puzzle

Anyways, I hope you take a look and provide some feedback on how I can improve on these products!

What do you think?

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