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Well, I finally started working again…as a yoga instructor! 📿🕉 Which means I only work like 5 hours a week max. Perfect! That is, if you don’t count the unpaid hours I spend creating music playlists, memorizing yoga sequences, creating handouts for workshops, writing blog posts and creating Facebook posts to try to encourage people to show up. It’s a good thing that I ❤️ yoga…

Tripod Headstand on sandy beach in Palau.

Speaking of encouraging people to show up…here is a snapshot of some upcoming events I hope to see you at.

✰   Saturday, January 23, 2:30 pm Spark Hot Yoga, Marysville,WA. Power Yoga

✰   Monday, January 25, 6:30 pm, Hot Feet Fitness, Burien, WA. All Levels Power Yoga

✰   Saturday, January 30, 10 am, Freedom Fitness, Burien, WA. 2 hr Workshop: Introduction to Yoga – Increase your Flexibility

✰   Sunday, February 14, 12 pm, Hot Feet Fitness, Burien, WA. 1.5 hr Partner Yoga Workshop

More classes will be added to my schedule in the next day or two. I always keep an updated schedule on my blog that you can visit here. This page also includes a list of upcoming trips that I plan on taking, so if you are curious where I am off to next, you can totally cyber-stalk me. It’s ok. 🤔 No, totally, it’s fine. I will also be posting links to the workshops once they are available so that you can learn more about them (once all the details have been figured out).

In February, I will be traveling to Sedona, Arizona for a week to take a Baptiste Level 1 Training. I am super-excited about this. It will be intense: 97 hours of yoga, self inquiry and practice teaching in 7 days! I’ve heard magical things about this training, so I am looking forward to it and trying to make sure I am strong and healthy for it. However, they don’t allow alcohol, coffee or even caffeinated tea! I think I am going to need to smuggle in some green tea, because although I am a yogi, I still run on artificial stimulants. I might also smuggle in some chocolate. Ohhh, chocolate covered espresso beans! Soaked in brandy. Mixed in with chunks of ginger to mask the scent in case they have caffeine-sniffing dogs on the premises. Problem solved.

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