Unmotivated Yogi

Post yoga slump

I find myself in a post-teacher training yoga slump. I took 3 days off out of sheer laziness (and maybe a bit of winter weariness as the amount of daylight outside is less than the amount of darkness).

I asked my daughter Coral to draw me a picture of a bear doing yoga.  She came up with this cute sketch of a bear doing plow pose.


I asked her if a bear can do crow pose.  She replied with this sketch, saying ‘he tried crow pose’.


I felt like this picture actually summarized how I am feeling the last few days… I feel like I am ‘off my yoga game’ (kind of like the bear who fell on his face during crow pose)…I feel a bit unmotivated and need a way to revitalize the excitement that I had just a week ago at the end of my teacher training program.

Trying to motivate myself in Burien

Having not done yoga in three days, I taught two yoga classes at my daughter’s school, which as I mentioned before, was great fun and very motivating. The next day I  went to Freedom Fitness to do a little weightlifting. For several years, Freedom Fitness was my favorite place to be. It is a family-owned and operated cross-fit gym located in Burien that really engages a strong community of loyal customers. Drew DeVry has created a great system with a weekly newsletter, classes, personal training, and pre-set workouts that any gym member can utilize to help them meet their fitness goals.

Unfortunately, I had to put my membership on hold during the four months I was getting my yoga certification. So, it felt really good to get back to the gym, catch up with Drew and Corrie and get in a 60 minute non-yoga workout. I even ran on the treadmill for a few minutes. I haven’t run since I was part of the Freedom Fitness Burien Brat Trot 5K team back in October. I tend not to run much in the winter, but I realized I need to get it back in my exercise regimen so that I will feel more energized overall.

The next day I took a 60 minute class at Be Yoga Burien.  I’ve been taking classes at this local studio for about six months now. It is mainly a Bikram studio, but they also offer Yin, Power Vinyasa and Barre classes. I did practice Bikram for a few months there with classes taught by Nina (the owner) and Stephanie, but I personally find the heat is too intense for my body and I crave the creative sequences found in Vinyasa.

The class I took this week was Thursday night’s Power Vinyasa class  taught by Debra.  This was the first time I had taken her class. Initially, I thought the tempo of the warm-up portion of the class was slow, however, I realized that some of that was due to Debra’s teaching style. She is a mild-mannered teacher, and I had gotten used to more emotive teachers at the Shakti studio in Seattle.

Debra’s class maintained a slower tempo, but she kept the vinyasa, or the flow, going throughout the entire class sequence. Even in the balancing poses, hip opening series, and forward bending series she maintained a great sense of flow and linkage between movement and breath.

Debra had a great sense of the environment. Her music selection matched the sequences and was not distracting from the practice at all. I even recognized a Beastie Boys Instrumental song during the Sun Salutations which I thought was an excellent choice!

Travel disrupts yoga practice

The next two days, did not see any yoga in my schedule. My husband and I made a quick jaunt down to Portland to see some friends and the travel time and the dinner that evening did not leave time for a yoga class. I really wanted to find time to catch a yoga class in Portland, but I honestly just got a bit lazy and did not make it a priority.

Tonight, after we got home, I did find time to open up Meditations from the Mat and skim a few pages. One quote caught my eye:

Stay in the center of the circle and let all things take its course.

– Lao-Tzu.

For me, this meant that I shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a break from a daily yoga practice. For four months, I lived yoga every day, all day. It is okay to take a break from it and focus on other aspects of my life. I know that I will return to a more regular practice in the upcoming weeks.


This week I will be preparing for my annual scuba diving trip with my husband. This year we are not going to Cozumel, instead we are going to Japan for a few days and then will be in Peleliu for a week to dive. I am excited to get some sun and to spend some time in the water. My intention is to get in some really great beach yoga practices in between the dives and to learn a lot about Micronesia during our stay. All I know about Peleliu is what I gleaned from Wikipedia and a WWII autobiography a friend recommended called With the Old Breed. It was a very disturbing book about the American experience of warfare during World War II. If you are into that type of story, I recommend the book highly. My experience on Peleliu will not be so dramatic, but I am looking forward to sharing it will you all.




  1. Michele says:

    Your blog was wonderful Carrie with
    nice variety of who you are including your daughter and husband. Plus what your future travel, diving & yoga goals are. I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading other ones.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Terry Weller says:

    I enjoyed this blog Carrie. I love seeing the photo’s on Facebook of your travels.
    Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] inspirational gift from one of my readers. She was so enraptured with my daughter Coral’s yoga bear sketches that she had them framed for me! They are really adorable. Thank you so much, Peggy, for this […]


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