Exploring Yoga in Puerto Vallarta: Hope

Crow Pose

Crow Pose

Day 4:

Thursday morning in Puerto Vallarta was sweltering to a Pacific Northwesterner like me. My rooftop power yoga practice based on the Journey Into Power sequence was invigorating! However, when I moved into the sun for a while, I quickly felt overwhelmed by the heat and lightheaded (although my mom was able to get a few good pictures of me) so I quickly moved back to a shady spot on the roof.


Trying to work towards Mermaid…


I wrote the above post several days ago and can’t remember where I was going with this….apparently my yoga journey turned into vacation for a bit…however, I can at least finish out my journey that was Thursday…

Thursday afternoon my mother and I walked through the park on Isla Cuale and did some shopping at the market there. We waded through the normal tourist trinkets. I found a beautiful dream catcher made by a local artist who used seashells as decorations. I do not know much about dreamcatchers (perhaps I should research them a bit), but the idea of having a magical tool to help catch my dreams is compelling and therefore I do like having them hang in my bedroom at home.

Art on a building in Isla Cuale.

Artwork on an abandoned building in the park at Isla Cuale.

Thursday afternoon my husband flew in to meet us and we spent the evening exploring the local area and eating too much good food!  We walked around downtown on the Malecon to watch some of the local festivities for the Day of the Dead celebration. There was supposed to be a talk from an anthropologist about the History of Death in Mexico, however it was rained out and we had to find other things to do. There wasn’t a whole lot going on due to the rain, but some altars were being created and decorations were being set up.

A nightclub on the Malecon

A nightclub on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta.

I just want to finish this post with a thought I recently read. In The Heart of Yoga, Desikachar writes:

The goal of yoga is to encourage us to be a little better than we were before. We become better by making an effort and by practicing patience. When we do this we will not see ourselves beset by so many problems. Our efforts may change in intensity, but over a period of time we will gradually experience progress. We must actively seize every opportunity that helps us to progress.


A merman holding the banner “Hope” in downtown Puerto Vallarta


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