Why “Travelingyogibear”?

My intention for this blog comprises of several components, which I think are all captured in my chosen blog name.

  • Traveling: I have plans to do some extensive traveling in the next few years and I want a place (besides Facebook) to record and share my experiences with others. There are so many interesting things to see when traveling, from the small things you can find while exploring a small island to the wonders of the urban jungle.
A remnant of a crab on Unnamed Island #3 in the San Juan Islands.

Ghost Crab on Unnamed Island #3 in the San Juan Islands.

Random street corner in Tokyo.

Random street corner in Tokyo.

  • Yogi: A great deal of my travels include visiting local yoga studios when possible. Some readers may be interested in hearing about what classes are like at other studios and I hope to also include any tidbits I learn from others about how to successfully let go of stress, worry, and hectic schedules that modern society heaps upon us.
  • Bear: My nickname as a child was ‘CareBear’.  During a recent visit to the San Juan Islands, I found a beautiful silver bracelet with an hand carved ivory (walrus) bear on it. I knew instantly that I needed to embrace my bear spirit that I had forgotten about for so long. Embracing the bear spirit really resonated with my new life path: to become a yoga instructor and Mala creator.

I found this definition of the Bear Spirit quite helpful, if you would like to learn more.

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