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Seeking a better yoga experience?

For some people, group yoga classes are frustrating. Group anxiety, frustration with the pace of the class, scheduling conflicts, or dealing with injuries are all reasons that people  stop their regular yoga practice. If you need a more personal yoga experience, Carrie will create it for you! 


A personalized, 60 minute private yoga lesson with Carrie Johnson, tailored to fit your specific needs. 


Sunday and Wednesday evenings, join this intimate class for 75 minutes of sweet yoga flow.


Learn about upcoming yoga events and follow Carrie’s travels through her blog posts!

Private yoga with Carrie

In a private session, Carrie will work with you at a time that is convenient for your busy schedule and she is able to provide immediate feedback to allow for rapid progression in your yoga practice. Private yoga sessions provide a holistic approach to emotional and physical awareness through:

  • Exploration of yoga movement and techniques
  • Injury-safe yoga sequencing, while strengthening the whole body
  • Improved mood, stress relief, increased self-confidence

How it works:

Meet to discuss whether Private Yoga is right for you. Free 15 minute consultation.


15 min discussion to go over goals, injuries, history.

45 min working through some basic poses to see where strengths weaknesses are – focus on observation and alignment


Start to explore pose variations, taking any time necessary to explore the nuances of the poses and the breath.

Practice specific skill to reach your goals (breathwork, strength training, range of movement, etc)


Go through specific skills again (breathwork, strength training, range of movement, direction of mobility)

Flow through pose variations that work for your body


Flow through your personalized yoga sequence

5 min Wrap-up to discuss next steps to reach your goals with an option to buy a written personalized sequence to use for your private practice.

Practice without Pain

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